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About Dieter Jansen Group

Acclaimed South African leadership coach, Dieter Jansen has a passion for people and helping them to reach their potential. He is a certified and experienced John Maxwell coach, trainer and motivational speaker working with people, teams and businesses to realise their aspirations.

The Challenge

I was approached by digital marketing agency, Ruby Digital to redesign the Dieter Jansen website, which was outdated and no longer aligned with Jansen’s new business goals.

Not only did Jansen want a website that would create and improve his brand awareness, he wanted an online marketing solution that would help increase sign ups on his website, as well as provide a sense of trust and affirmation to customers doing due diligence checks after meeting with him.

In order to help the client achieve his business goals, the new website would need to convey trustworthiness and portray Jansen as a highly capable and professional transformation coach. The website would also need to lead users through a journey with content that was relevant, accessible and even, in parts, interactive, all the while leading users to sign up for Jansen's newsletter, or to contact him directly.

Old Website

The Strategy

I worked closely with a dedicated team from Ruby Digital to conceptualise and develop different design strategies to help the client achieve his goals.

A keen collaborator, this process was critical in order for us to gain a deeper understanding of the client's industry and potential users. Working to a tight deadline was further reason for us to employ an agile methodology.

Brand Colors


Chosen Fonts

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.


Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

Noto Sans

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

Playfair Display

Brand Development

Part of Jansen's strategy was to rebrand his business. This involved changing his brand name and logo from Jansen SA to the Dieter Jansen Group. I decided to give his logo a new, global and contemporary look and feel; one that would also compliment Jansen’s personal character.

The User Interface Design

Clean, contemporary and professional. The homepage focuses on users’ points of pain with a sense of understanding and compassion. There are several calls to action, all of which focus on solution and resolution. I used bold sections of colour to draw users’ attention to significant areas of content.

I decided to go with warm colors that compliment Jansen’s friendly and approachable personality. I also advised that a photo shoot take place, out in nature, reinforcing Jansen’s kind and compassionate nature.

Dieter Jansen Homepage Image
Dieter Jansen Individual Page
Dieter Jansen Contact Page


The collaboration with Ruby Digital was an absolute joy. In producing a user experience design that the client loves is, in itself, a good story; seeing the site help him reach his end goals is the success story.

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