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About Humanist

Humanist is a Cape Town-based culture-change agency that helps transform people for business success. Launched in 2018, the Humanist team is equipped with a diverse skill set and proven tools that help repurpose companies through the delivery of effective culture change.

The Challenge

I was approached by Humanist founder and CEO, Felicity Hinton to design and develop a website that would attract leads and generate new business. 

Having worked with several startups before, I advised Felicity that, rather than rush the job and risk lead generation, there was real value in aligning the site with Humanist’s business strategy. Through the workshop I had with Felicity, we identified the site’s key users and developed two buyer personas based on this customer research. We then mapped their journeys towards the all-important point of contact. This work culminated in a cohesive page strategy poised for conversion.

With a detailed visualization of the user journeys, I was able to pinpoint key conversion points, and suggest call-to-action content for those pages.

Humanist SitemapHumanist Sitemap

The Strategy

Behind every successful site is a successful strategy, which is why I emphasize ideation sessions with my clients from the get-go. Gaining a deeper understanding of the users’ points of pain is sometimes as illuminating for my clients, as it for me. What emerges from these sessions are small but significant behavioural nudges. Together these subtle psychological prompts serve to inform, involve and steer the user towards conversion.

Humanist Buyer PersonaHumanist Buyer Persona

Brand Colors


Chosen Fonts

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

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Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

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The Wireframes

I’m pretty insistent about creating high-fidelity wireframes of a website before I move into the branding and design process. In Humanist’s case, the wireframes gave the client a clear road map of the site, from both a navigational point of view and from a content perspective. Another benefit of wireframing is that it enables collaborative inputs, ideas and suggestions. This second round of ideation is more focused and deliberate, ensuring coherent content flow and logical progression.

Humanist Website WireframeThe Wireframes

Humanist Creative Direction

Felicity was able to articulate the kind of creative direction she wanted for the Humanist website – but not all clients can. My experience as a graphic designer comes into play during the branding and design of websites. Having designed countless logos and corporate identities across a broad range of industries, I like to spend quality time evolving the look and feel of a brand. Creating immersive and enjoyable websites is as much about science, as it is about art and aesthetics.

The Humanist website is clean and uncluttered. The flow of content as the user moves through the site is smooth and seamless. I took great care in balancing the right amount of white space with copy and imagery. The result is arresting.

Humanist Website
Humanist Resources Page
Humanist Services Page
Humanist Blog Page
Humanist Responsive Website

Wordpress Development

Design integrity is all important to me, which is why I love to code the sites I’ve designed myself. For Humanist – time to market and cost were factors I had to consider in the build phase. This is why I suggested to Felicity that we select a Wordpress template, one that I could customize according to the brand image and essence.

Based on our strategy sessions, in which I recommended that the Humanist site be integrated with an inbound marketing engine, Felicity approved the decision to go with Jumplead – a cost-effective engine that turns visitors into leads, and nurtures them into customers. As part of my retainer service to Humanist, I provide a detailed data analytics report, always suggesting ways to further improve and optimize the site.


The Humanist website story is one that I’m really passionate about – I’m committed to see this business thrive. It was both humbling and empowering to be able to share my knowledge of UI/UX design with the Humanist team, and put the knowledge to the test with great results.

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Felicity Hinton - Founder & CEO Humanist

What we’ve found in Rob is not a service provider, but a partner. He is genuinely invested in Humanist’s success – month after month we’re seeing traffic rise, and clients are quick to compliment us for a site that is at once elegant, artful and effective.

Felicity Hinton
CEO & Founder, Humanist

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