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About the Hubspot Marketplace

HubSpot Marketplace is an online resource for marketers looking to optimise their digital brand presence. The site offers a range of free and paid templates –from websites and blogs to landing pages and newsletters. Marketers can then customise their choice of digital collateral, using their own content and branding.

The Opportunity

In 2016, Hubspot launched a new version of its digital marketplace, and uptake surged. We quickly identified this resource hub as a potential income stream for the company, and decided to go all in.

The Challenge

We faced three challenges: One: website templates take a lot of effort to create. That’s because marketers are looking for a comprehensive website solution, and only rarely a single webpage. 

Two: We were by no means first to see (or seize) the opportunity. Several designers and design firms were ahead of us in producing quality templates. This had the effect of pushing their designs to the top of the list of ‘most downloaded templates’.

Three: We knew that our design had to be modular, so that we could offer additional features, upgrades and customization– also online assistance for trouble shooting and bug fixing.

Old Website

The Goal

Short-term goal
Knowing that speed-to-market was a key requirement, we set a short-term goal to develop a modular-based MVP;  essentially, a composite of the most popular templates.

Long-term goal
Our primary long-term goal was to develop a layered sales package via a microsite that would incorporate additional services, such as customization, video walkthroughs and widgets. Secondary goals included the design and development of the microsite, complete with a customization tool, custom modules, and support documentation and guides. Driving traffic to the Struto website via our demo examples was key for brand awareness.


We compiled a comprehensive analysis of the most popular, ready-made templates on the Hubspot Marketplace, and elsewhere on the web. Before long, we had a sizeable list of findings, which we then categorized into for design and development. This research help us to create an actionable benchmark, complete with checklist for post-design and development assessment.

Humanist Buyer PersonaHumanist Buyer Persona

Low Fidelity Wireframes

True to our design process, we then produced low-fi wireframes of the website. These wireframes created an overview of site, linking user journeys with clear navigation points and calls to action. The wireframes also served as a tool for presenting to diverse stakeholders, from CI designers and copywriters to test-case users.  

Humanist Website WireframeThe Wireframes

A Brand is born

As a design-led company, it was obvious that our next step was to create a brand for the website template – something snappy, sticky and tasty. Enter: Wasabi. 

Playing on the peaks within the letter, ‘w’, there’s a sense of dynamic movement in the wasabi logo. Instead of the obvious green, we designed the logo in subtle hues of red and vermillion. Consult the psychology of colour, and you’ll see that orange raises the appetite. Did we want potential customers hungry for our template? You bet.

Brand Colors


Chosen Fonts

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.


The Prototype

With sign off on the wireframes, we had the greenlight to prototype the website in Webflow. This tool enables designers to build responsive websites, ostensibly without any knowledge of code.

Viewed as a game-changing tool within the industry, designers using Webflow are able to create most aspects of web development and distribution within the application itself, since the coding languages used to generate the websites are built-in.

What’s more, Webflow is built for designers, maintaining the integrity of the design, from start to end screen.

Old Website

The launch of the Wasabi Hubspot Marketplace Website Template

We launched the fully-responsive Wasabi website template with start-ups in mind. As an animated HubSpot CMS theme, the pack includes the essential pages for launching an inbound marketing platform, as well as a series of additional, value-adding features. These include a resource library, complete with filtering; a background video; responsive sliders; animated type; and integration with the with the FontAwesome icon library. 

Simple to use, marketers have only to populate the site with their own branded content, and they can publish instantly. Coding skills required: none. Bonus! 

The site launched with the credibility of being conceptualised and designed by a platinum HubSpot partner agency. This was a great tactic to penetrate the ranks of the top-selling templates.

Humanist Website
Humanist Resources Page
Humanist Services Page
Humanist Blog Page
Humanist Responsive Website

The results

The key design requirement was to create a growth-driven website template to help start-ups gain leads, fast and efficiently. With this in mind, the template was designed in a modular way, making it quick and easy for users to upload their content, and to update their content as needed. 

In its first year in the Hubspot Marketplace, sales of Wasabi exceeded our target by 37%. Off the back of a number of enquiries, which led to additional sales, this figure increased to 42% year-on-year growth.

Helping start-ups grow? Mission accomplished.

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